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Why See a Chiropractor?

Livermore chiropractor gives a consultationThe word Chiropractor is synonymous with pain relief, and with good reason. For over 100 years people have been seeking out chiropractors to solve all sorts of medical issues. In fact, the first chiropractic solution was the treatment of a deaf patient who had his hearing restored. There are several areas of pain relief that chiropractors can remedy with some simple realignments. Of course, we’ll start by talking about the one thing that most chiropractors are associated with – neck and back pain relief.

Back and Neck Pain Relief and Prevention

A Chiropractor’s meat and potatoes business comes from patients looking to remedy neck and lower back pain. There are plenty of studies out there that have attested to the success of muscular skeletal manipulation as a pain reliever. In fact, Consumer Reports magazine rated it as the number one solution for back pain – better than pharmaceutical pain relief, acupuncture and physical therapy. Patients who see a chiropractor regularly have fewer complaints of pain and need fewer treatments to remain pain free than any of the other treatment methods mentioned.

Migraine Relief

Migraine sufferer decides to visit a chiropractor in LivermoreMigraines, Trigeminal Neuralgia and even Tic Douloureux headaches can be treated by chiropractic methods. By adjusting the spine, pressure is removed from the nervous system that allows the entire body to function at a higher level. This relief of pressure on the nerves responsible for headaches can eliminate the recurring headaches or at least help them to dissipate to a level where a secondary treatment can remove them completely.

Menstrual and Pregnancy Help

The hormonal changes that happen during menses and pregnancy are enough o throw the body into a state of shock. This creates pressure on the nervous system that can be relieved with some well placed muscular massages. Chiropractic professionals can help reduce the pain associated with the menstrual cycle as well as help repair abnormal cycles and even has been shown to reverse some forms of infertility. For those of you who are pregnant, a chiropractor can help reduce your back pain, heartburn and even your circulation problems.

Range of Motion Treatment

Allergic reactions triggered by dandelions can be eased by seeing a chiropractorIt simply makes sense that a chiropractor can help your range of motion by adjusting the alignment of your muscles and joints. This is something pro athletes are keenly aware of. Not only can a chiropractic session improve the range of motion in your body, it can also help prevent injuries by allowing you to have the motion you expect in your body.

Allergy Relief

Many people aren’t aware that chiropractic measures can be used to help reduce the affect of allergies. Adjustment in the sinus cavities can open up the airways. Additionally, the immune system is also boosted by a full chiropractic session. Many chiropractic patients perceive fewer symptoms due to seasonal allergies after a session and find they need less medication to handle their allergies.

A Chiropractor Can Help With So Much More

My patients are constantly amazed at how many different chronic aches, pains, and other medical issues can be eased or cured by chiropractic treatment. Realignment of your body can make your immune system more potent, help you prevent injuries from everyday activities, relieve muscular skeletal pain and a host of other issues. Stop living your life in pain – call today and start on the road to relief.

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