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Ulcer Treatment in Livermore, CA

Millions of people suffer from symptoms of pain or discomfort in the abdominal area, or adjacent areas. The frontal areas of the body are divided into different quadrants for anatomical identification. The area of the stomach is called the hypochondriac area. In olden times, the abdominal area was believed to be the area of origin for all illness. That would explain why they usually ate or drank something that was foreign to the body to try to change the way they felt. That belief has been responsible for the term hypochondriac that is used in today’s terms to label someone who claims to be sick, but really isn’t. Incidentally, this office has successfully treated many people who have been told they were hypochondriacs. Our opinion is that many people who have been labeled with that term have been unduly criticized because their physicians could not help them.


Ulcers is another name for open sores that are usually located somewhere in the digestive tract or in the alimentary canal. Their symptoms are usually quite painful and will generally alert most people of trouble in that area, but sometimes the symptoms may be mild or even non-existent. In extreme cases, the ulcer eats its way into a blood vessel which can suddenly break and begin bleeding. In such cases an acute attack of a hemorrhaged ulcer may be so severe that the patient can be in a life threatening situation very quickly. The acute symptoms are abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting of blood.


If you ask that question to the average person, they will tell you that it comes from eating and drinking the wrong things. That simply is not true. Before an ulcer can develop, there first must be a malfunction. But before we discuss that, let’s take a look at the anatomy and function of the different parts that become involved in an ulcer condition.


The stomach is a marvelous organ. This is where the second stage of digestion occurs. (The first stage is in your mouth.) When food is swallowed, sensors located in the stomach wall send messages to the brain (the body’s computer) identifying which kinds of foods are present. Specific digestive juices and enzymes needed for the proper breakdown of each category of food are secreted into the stomach, as directed by the computer. These foods will contain carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. Most of the time, all three are present at once.

The entire digestive tract is lined with a mucous membrane called the mucosa. The mucosa secretes mucous that adheres to the lining of the stomach and intestines. This forms a barrier against any substance that might harm the delicate lining. Mucous is secreted by direct order from the computer through the autonomic (automatic) nervous system. The computer decides when, where, and how much mucous must be delivered to a particular area in order to provide the protection needed. The order is sent out and the mucous membranes obey by producing mucous.


When proteins are detected in the stomach, the appropriate digestive agent is HCL or hydrochloric acid. This is the same acid that is used to clean swimming pools, and is very powerful. The mucosa provides protection to the lining of the stomach so that the acid will not come in contact with these delicate tissues. If it weren’t for this protection, the acid would literally eat a hole in the stomach wall. Like the scientist who invented an acid that could eat through anything; the only problem was finding something to put it in.

As long as the computer functions as it was designed to, the system works very well and proper digestion takes place. But if the computer either receives the wrong message or sends out the wrong command, or both, the system does not work as designed and a malfunction occurs. The problem may be that we have not enough mucous being produced and certain areas of the digestive tract are without the proper protection.

To further compound the problem, the computer malfunction may also cause too much acid to be delivered into the stomach. Now you have the worst of two worlds. First, the mucosa is not producing enough of the protective mucous, and second, there is too much acid in the stomach.

Symptoms usually begin with a burning sensation in the stomach or chest area (heartburn) and possibly nausea. Sometimes it is only present after eating spicy foods. At other times it may be coffee or alcohol that brings on heartburn. In severe cases, nearly any foods eaten will trigger heartburn. If the problem continues without treatment, ulcers may result.


The usual treatment for heartburn and the prevention of ulcers using the medical model involves the use of antacids. The logic is that if there is too much acid in the digestive system, put in an antacid to neutralize the it. There are numerous over-the-counter remedies sold in stores and many prescription drugs available. However, all of these remedies merely treat the effects without addressing the cause. Why the stomach produces too much acid and not enough mucous is a question long gone unanswered by the medical community. Besides, if a product could be developed that could effectively regulate the amount of acid being produced, that product would eliminate all of the antacids already on the market. Not a good business practice.



For the moment, let’s go back to the explanation of why the heartburn and ulcer problem began. Remember, we said that there were usually two causes; too much acid and not enough mucous. In reality, however, there is really only one cause; the computer malfunction. The brain (computer) has begun to malfunction because of a neurological interference, and too much acid and/or not enough mucous is the symptom of that malfunction. Notice the word is symptom, because that is exactly what heartburn and ulcers are…symptoms…symptoms caused by a computer short circuit. The computer has received the wrong message and is sending the wrong command. In this case it involved the stomach. It may have been headaches or neck pains, or any of dozens of other symptoms that we see and effectively treat in our offices every day.

The most common cause of a computer malfunction is as atlas misalignment. This creates pressure on the nerves in the spinal cord. If the problem is to be resolved, one must first resolve the cause. In this case the cause would be eliminated if the atlas were adjusted back to its proper position. That would eliminate the pressure on the nerves and thus the computer malfunction.

Correcting the cause of heartburn and ulcers is not a complicated or expensive undertaking. Remember, the body is controlled by the computer, and only the computer can make the necessary changes when there is a health problem. Thus, the remedy lies in the computer’s ability to fix and repair whatever is wrong. Fixing a computer malfunction is as simple as getting some x-rays and the proper atlas adjustment, then following up to make sure that the adjustment stays put and the computer stays on track. After that, it’s all automatic.

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