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“A sound body is a short, but full description of a happy state in this world: he that has this, has little more to wish for.”
John Locke (1632-1704) Philosopher

Strict application of scientific principles and ongoing research since 1971 has produced a unique system of health care; a procedure that is entirely diverse from the usual manipulation of joints employed by most in the field of chiropractic. It is called Atlas Specific Correction.

This ultramodern procedure follows the age old principle that the body naturally heals itself and thus invasive methods such as drugs or surgery are usually not necessary.


All doctors know that the brain controls the body and all its functions. While constantly reviewing feedback from all parts of the body, the brain makes decisions and sends out commands based on the information it receives. We have found that most maladies don’t ‘just happen’ but occur because of interference with the ‘main computer’. Usually, these ailments such as headaches, neck and back pain are caused by a misaligned atlas vertebra interfering with the nerves that connect the brain with the rest of the body. A ‘computer malfunction.’


With this in mind, investigation of the area of the upper neck is primary because it is here that the brain is most likely to encounter nerve interference caused by a misaligned vertebra. Since the neck vertebrae are designed to allow considerable flexibility, this flexible design often allows the bones to move beyond their normal limits and become misaligned. When this occurs, the result is a low grade pressure and irritation to the nerves (nearly 60 million of them) exiting at the base of the skull. This is especially true in falls and auto accidents.


A misalignment in the neck area will often produce symptoms in and around the neck itself such as pain, stiffness, grinding sounds, even migraine headaches (and many more.) However, with a computer malfunction, virtually any symptom may result; even low back pain, which is the most common symptom we see. Low back pain responds amazingly well to Atlas Specific Correction, so does sciatica and many other conditions.

Ironically, with all the marvelous and wonderful things our computerized body can do on its own, it is totally helpless in restoring proper neck alignment. This is where ATLAS SPECIFIC CORRECTION (A.S.C.) can be of great help.


A.S.C. was born in 1971 out of necessity to find a more effective means of dealing with spinal misalignments than random manipulation. The breakthrough came with the addition of the adjusting instrument that enables us to zero in on the exact spot for each correction. The adjusting instruments and tables we use were custom made for us and are the heart of our work. Our positive results with literally thousands of patients have shown this to be an incredibly effective system.


This unique method begins with an examination to determine the need for an alignment procedure. One of the tests used is a spinal balance test to demonstrate small spinal distortions. Uneven muscle balance will be detected when one leg appears to be slightly shorter that the other, one shoulder lower, and possibly the head tilted to one side. This shows the presence of computer interference caused by the misalignment.

Next in the examination process is a detailed x-ray study of the positions of the neck vertebrae. X-rays are the blueprints by which very specific corrections can be accomplished and are taken on the first visit.


Precise measurements taken from the x-rays demonstrate the extent of the misalignment and the particular pathway to be followed to accurately set the vertebrae back into their proper positions. The actual correction is a series of gentle taps at a specific spot on the neck. It is absolutely painless, safe and non-invasive. There is no sensation or sound of moving bones. No cracks or pops. This aids greatly in the treatment of our children patients who are usually very afraid of doctors. (Children respond very well to ATLAS SPECIFIC CORRECTION for such things as chronic tonsillitis, ear infections, nosebleeds, sinusitis, and asthma.)The entire procedure is accomplished with the patient fully clothed, so there are no embarrassing moments.


A treatment plan is custom tailored for each patient at a cost that is very affordable. ATLAS SPECIFIC CORRECTION works with natural laws on a scientific, precision basis to release the natural healing power within your body.


Whatever your health problem might be, there is good evidence that ATLAS SPECIFIC CORRECTION will help. This procedure clears nerve channels from the ‘main computer’ and allows your body to make the necessary repairs on its own… NATURALLY!

“While I was the Director of Outpatient Clinics at Southern California College of Chiropractic, I taught and monitored the effectiveness of many chiropractic procedures. Atlas Specific Correction is by far the most advanced chiropractic method anywhere.” Clifford A. Green, D.C. (patient)

* Continuous research and development keeps Atlas Specific Correction the
best there is.

* Effectiveness documented in an extensive study of injured workers (SPS
Western Inc. study).

* Completely painless.

* 100% natural; no drugs, supplements.

* Excellent response for many different conditions.

* No manipulation.

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