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Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica in Livermore, CA

Treating patients suffering with bursitis, leg pain, and sciatica with Atlas Specific Correction

One of the most painful conditions we see here at the Livermore Chiropractic & Wellness Center is sciatica, an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Imagine the most painful toothache you have ever experienced, double the pain and move the pain into the leg. Nothing can match the pain of a full-blown case of sciatica. The only possible exception might be a severe migraine headache. (Incidentally, both of these conditions have the same underlying cause.) There is no relief from the pain. Sitting is extremely painful. So is standing, lying down, or any type of movement. Walking is out of the question. Commonly the pain begins as a low back pain that is either more intense on one side, or gradually moves to one side. As the condition progresses, the pain begins to move down the leg, into the buttock, down the back of the thigh, into the calf and the foot. Often there is numbness in the toes. As the condition worsens, there can be loss of motor function (paralysis) of the anterior tibialis muscle in the tibia (shin) area and the victim has trouble raising the front part of the foot. The gait then changes because the toes cannot be lifted for a normal step, creating a condition known as “foot drop”.

The Medical Approach to Sciatica Treatment

By this time most people are in a panic because the symptoms are not only unbearable pain, but now they feel paralyzed. A visit to the family doctor results in pain medication if the symptoms are not too severe, or a referral to an orthopedic surgeon if the pain is severe. The orthopod will usually send the patient out for x-rays or an MRI, or both. The purpose for these tests is to see if there is a bulging disc that would qualify for the surgeon’s knife.

If surgery is performed there may be very quick relief, but most times not. Sometimes the relief is fairly long-lasting, sometimes not. But frequently, the problem returns in six months or a year, and the patient is faced with the decision of doing the whole thing all over again. More than once in awhile, there is no relief with surgery at all, and sometimes the patient is worse.

Other Causes of Sciatica

There are other causes of sciatica besides a bulging disk. There can be sciatic pain from injuries to the area where the nerve courses through the leg. There is a minute chance of a tumor pressing on the nerve. There could even be a problem of sitting incorrectly; a very unlikely occurrence. By far the most common cause is an atlas misalignment causing a muscle to spasm and pinch the nerve.

There are also other forms of treatment. There is drug therapy, pain killers and muscle relaxers. There is complete bed rest, weeks and weeks of it. Six to eight weeks is not uncommon. Then there is physical therapy. The hot packs, the traction and massage treatments; electronic modalities such ultra sound, diathermy(micro wave), and electronic muscle stimulation. On occasion there can be some benefit as far as pain is concerned to all of these. But a closer look at this picture will reveal that these procedures are only treating the effects (symptoms) of the problem, not the cause. There needs to be something else.

Treating Sciatica with Atlas Specific Correction

With all the bad things that can happen to you during surgery, and with the success of surgery being questionable at best, smart people think twice before opting for it. And well they should. There is a much better way to handle the problem of sciatica than surgery. It’s called Atlas Specific Correction, a non-invasive, no risk method that has an outstanding record for effectively treating sciatica.

Sciatica, like all other diseases, has a cause. Correct the cause and you correct the problem. The direct cause in most cases of sciatica, leg, and hip pain is not a bulging disc. It can usually be traced to an atlas misalignment.

If there is a bulging disc, it had a cause; a beginning. Bulging discs are internally caused. That’s right, internally caused. Our on-board computer, the brain was most likely “shorted out” by a mis-aligned vertebra causing pressure on the nerves. This pressure caused the spine to distort and a bulging disc was the result. Before a disc can bulge from its natural containment, there must be uneven pressure on it. When the misalignment exists, there are muscles along the spinal column from top to bottom that will spasm unevenly, distorting the spine into a mild scoliosis. This causes more pressure on one side of the disc. Eventually the disc will be squeezed on one side and bulge out on the other.

After we make the proper adjustment, the spinal distortion will correct itself by orders from the computer. As the spine straightens, the uneven pressure on the disc will be relieved. Only then will the body bring the bulging disc back to its normal shape. This process is carried out by the computer’s automatic system without the need for surgery. And the pain is usually relieved within a comparatively short time.

Chiropractic Treatment of Sciatica Fixes the Cause, Not the Symptom

As stated previously, sciatica is caused most often by an atlas misalignment, either directly or indirectly. Why an atlas misalignment? The atlas is constructed like no other vertebra in the spinal column. It “floats” between the skull and the vertebra below it (the axis.) As long as it stays within certain parameters, every thing is O.K. But at some point in our lives, we experience some form of trauma such as a fall, jolt, or accident that causes the atlas to go beyond its normal limits. If no treatment is given, it soon becomes fixed in a mis-aligned position. This will then set up a low-grade pressure and irritation to the nerves at the base of the skull that will cause a neurological upset in the main computer, the brain. Symptoms come indirectly from this irritation and computer upset. Usually, the direct mechanical reason for the symptoms is a muscle spasm that presses a nerve against the pelvis. For many patients, correcting this atlas misalignment is the most effective chiropractic treatment for sciatica.

Why a Muscle Spasms

Without an order coming from the body’s computer, muscles are merely inert body tissues. If a muscle receives no order, it does nothing. Conversely, if it is in spasm, you can bet it’s getting a command from the computer to spasm.

The question then arises, just why is the computer giving the muscle the order to spasm? We all know spasms are painful, why would our marvelous brain give a command that would cause us pain?

The answer is simple: the computer is shorted out because of the atlas misalignment and it is sending out the wrong command. What must be done to correct the problem is to fix the short circuit. Adjust the atlas back to its proper position, relieve the pressure on the nerves, and the computer will correct the problem itself.

This, of course, does not happen overnight. The healing of sick tissues is a gradual process. However, the first sign of relief can often be a matter of one or two days. Once the tissues have healed, a conservative maintenance plan should be followed. Make sure you stay in proper alignment with periodic check-ups and give your body time to heal itself.

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