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Chiropractic Migraine Treatment in Livermore, CA

Chronic headache requires attention from a Livermore chiropractorHeadaches are humanity’s most common pain. Sooner or later nearly all of us get one. But to about 20 percent of the population, headaches are more than an occasional discomfort; they are chronic, or recurrent. They can even be unrelenting. A headache is no simple condition, either–there are over 20 varieties. And one variety alone, the migraine, itself has five sub-varieties!


The causes of headaches are remarkably numerous. There are headaches caused by inhaling the fumes of noxious chemicals; headaches caused by looking at intense bright lights; headaches associated with high blood pressure, diseased teeth, vision problems, fevers, infections, brain tumors, epileptic seizures, carbon monoxide inhalation, and headache hangovers from the side effects of drugs, whether prescription, nonprescription, or recreational. One common type of headache is the “post traumatic headache” that occurs after an accident.

But by far, the most common cause of headaches resides within the central nervous system, the brain or body computer. For it is here that the cause of more than 90% of all headaches can be traced. More on that later in this text.


Certain medical procedures and tests can also cause severe headaches such as the lumbar puncture or “spinal tap.” Also a procedure known as myelogram, where a dye is injected into the spinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord, will often cause a headache that is so severe that the patient is cautioned to lie flat on his back for from 24 to 48 hours.

In fact, there are so many things that can cause or be associated with headaches that a person suffering from one could worry himself sick over all the things that “might” be causing it. The following two types of headaches are very common and that’s why we’ll devote a little extra space to discussing them.


The migraine “syndrome” headache occurs in 6 to 8 per cent of the population and is perhaps the best known type of chronic headache. The word “syndrome” refers to a group of symptoms that go together to make up a particular condition. And in the migraine syndrome certain symptoms often arise before the headache hits; dizziness; visual problems; “spots” before the eyes; redness; swelling; tears in the eyes; muscle contraction; irritability; nausea; vomiting; and even constipation or diarrhea. The headache may last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days and may range in severity from minor discomfort to immobilizing agony. The migraine pain is most commonly felt in the temple, but can be experienced anywhere in the head, face, or neck.


Cluster headache attacks come on abruptly, with intense, throbbing pain arising high in one nostril and spreading behind the eye on that side of the face. Sometimes the forehead is also affected. The attacks tend to occur from once to several times daily, in clusters lasting weeks or even months. Without apparent reason the cluster may subside as quickly as it began, then begin again.


Surprisingly, a headache is not a brainache. The brain, most of the membranes that surround it, and the skull bones, can feel no pain at all. That is why during brain surgery the patient is often wide awake and talking to the doctors while his or her brain is being cut, probed, or otherwise tampered with.

So what does put the “ache” in headache? It’s the pain sensitive structures of the head that are the culprits. These are the arteries of the brain and skull; the veins; the meninges that cover the brain; and certain nerves in the head called the cranial nerves. When these are pulled, inflamed, stretched, compressed, or irritated headaches usually result.


The treatment for a headache depends, of course, on what the treating doctor thinks has caused it. That may be anything from eyeglasses to antibiotics that are used to treat a sinus infection. Incidentally we’ve heard people say regarding their headache, “it’s just my sinuses.” Think about it, your sinuses weren’t put in your body to give you a headache. That’s not their purpose.

The most common headaches, including migraine, are usually treated with painkillers or other drugs. The public spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on headache remedies. Aspirin and aspirin substitutes are usually used for “low intensity” headaches.

More powerful (and more dangerous) compounds, including codeine, ergotamine tartrate, phenelzine sulfate, and methysergide are given for more severe ones, though with narcotics there is always the risk of dependency or addiction; even overdose. Demorol is of this type, but with the agony of a full blown migraine, a drug induced sleep is a blessing to the victim.

For headaches of lesser severity, many people use acetaminophen…the main ingredient in Tylenol. Recent studies show that acetaminophen used as little as once a day over a long period can produce liver damage and even kidney failure. Kidney failure is fatal, by the way. However, there is a much better way to rid yourself of headaches that is far more effective…. and it is safe! Atlas Specific Correction.


Atlas Specific Correction is not a glorified aspirin. It does not treat the pain of headache but rather corrects the cause. Literally thousands of headache sufferers have enjoyed the benefits of Atlas Specific Correction over the last 35 years. We criticize the standard medical approach for treating the symptoms and not the cause of headaches. People have been swallowing painkillers for years with no lasting relief. This medicine-taking only masks underlying problems, and the constant ingesting of drugs can give rise not only to dependency, but also to dangerous side effects.

Perpetuated myths about how to deal with headaches abound and usually cause the headache patient to either continue ineffective treatment methods or to give up; resigning themselves to their plight and quit seeking professional help. Obviously, if a person gives up there will never be an end to their pain. For that reason, six of the most common myths that many people believe will be examined.


In spite of the fact that many people with chronic headaches can remember a family member with similar conditions, Atlas Specific Correction has shown to be successful with these patients as well. Mothers and daughters both with headaches and both treated successfully are common patients in our offices.


In view of the latest studies done on prescription drugs that indicate liver and kidney damage, it is obvious that drugs leave a lot to be desired. Besides, drugs only mask the symptoms. They are neither curative nor resorptive.


Pain management groups offer some support, and while they may give the patient some satisfaction in knowing that others have the same problem, (misery loves company) they can actually prevent headache sufferers from seeking alternatives. Their main thrust is trying to teach the patient how to live with their pain, not treating so that they can live without pain.


Bio-feedback is a method proposed in some cases to help headache patients. It is similar to self-hypnosis. The patient is taught to concentrate on warming the fingers. Sometimes patients say that it seems to help. However, people shouldn’t have to hypnotize themselves to lessen their headache pain. A headache is a signal that something is wrong within the body. It should be properly dealt with, not merely subdued. (“Out of sight, out of mind.”)


It has been established that a high number of headache patients may get a headache after eating chocolate or drinking red wine. However, it must be remembered that not all people who ingest these things will get a headache. While these things may trigger a headache in some people, they have nothing to do with the actual cause.


Many headache patients have undergone psychological counseling in order to get rid of their headaches. While psychotherapy may have some limited success, it falls far short of being a preferred treatment method. We feel that too many people have been misled by their physicians who could not help them and suggested that their problem was psychological.


Practitioners of Atlas Specific Correction are highly trained professionals who analyze and correct a spinal nerve condition known as an atlas subluxation, which is a tiny misalignment of the top-most vertebra in the spine called the atlas. An atlas subluxation is responsible for more headaches in the world today than any other cause. While it is weakening the body, lowering vitality, and paving the way for diseases, those people who have it are entirely unaware of it.


Discovery and correction of an atlas subluxation begins with an atlas spinal checkup. For like a dental checkup that should be done periodically to prevent damage from a cavity that we are unaware of, an atlas subluxation (or nerve stress) may be causing serious harm to the rest of our body–sometimes for years–without our knowledge.
Using special chiropractic tests and x-rays, the Atlas Specific doctor analyzes the spine for atlas subluxations, and by means of a special adjusting instrument, restores proper alignment to the spine. This procedure constitutes an atlas adjustment.


While in proper alignment, the main computer is now able to carry out the necessary steps in correcting the malfunction that gives rise to all sorts of conditions. Remember, the purpose of the adjustment is not to cure headaches but to remove spinal nerve stress, thus permitting the body to restore itself to a greater level of health and wholeness–in effect, to heal itself.

No matter what the condition, be it headache or any of the hundreds of other diseases that human flesh is heir to, a body free of nerve pressure and interference may make the difference between a life of sickness and a life of health. Clearly anyone suffering from the ravages of headaches should seek out an Atlas Specific Chiropractor in Livermore for a spinal checkup. It may be the one thing that the patient needs, above all others.


Researchers have often noted the relationship between the spinal column and headaches. A study of 6,000 patients who suffered from recurring headaches for 2 to 25 years showed that cervical (neck) trauma was the most important factor in the cause of the headache and should be suspected in every nonspecific case of headache.(1) One dramatic study of childhood migraine sufferers found spinal care to be especially effective. (2)As early as 1933, N.T. Ussher, the noted pathologist, found that spinal misalignment could produce pathological changes that caused headaches as well as many other disease conditions.(3) In 100 cases of headaches, researchers found overwhelming improvement in headache sufferers when cervical adjustments were performed.(4)


Thus the scientific evidence supporting the premise that spinal care is essential for those suffering from headaches is proliferating. Researchers have found a particular spinal area (the cervical spine or the neck) to be of particular interest in relation to headaches: “the body of literature supporting a cervicogenic origin of headache is substantial, and the case made for greater recognition of the involvement of the cervical spine is compelling.”(5)


Proper spinal care is essential for anyone who suffers from headaches. This is not because Atlas Specific Correction is merely a headache treatment, which it is not, but because the cause of most headaches is an atlas misalignment which may also be causing other problems in the body that you may not be aware of. If that is true, then one must be aware that if the cause is not corrected, sooner or later other problems will surely follow.

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