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Hi friends. I wanted to share with my friends and especially my healers how finally finding the right Chiropractor has drastically changed my life. I wanted to send this referral in case you also know of anyone desperate and suffering and in need of help. Most of you know my history; I have suffered from bad back, horrible migraines, fibromyalgia and a stiff neck for over 20 years. It ultimately led me to quit my career as a hairdresser in my 30’s because of the constant pain I was in. Even though I quit my career, I was still in constant pain. Although I do take care of my body, Yoga being the most helpful, I was progressively getting worse. Earlier this year, my issues were getting worse and rapidly declining. I was scared and didn’t know what my future held.  I was having troubles walking, numbness in my legs, arms and hands and had trouble sleeping. I had to quit my Yoga classes because I couldn’t keep up due to my pain.

Fortunately, I finally met an amazing Chiropractor and am seeing powerful results for the first time in my life…. Dr. Paiso is like no other Dr. I have seen. He uses different techniques that like I said, for the first time in my life I am seeing amazing results. I’m excited about my future instead of dreading and living with this constant pain. In only these past 3 months of being under his care, my migraines are gone, I’m off 90% of my back meds, numbness is gone and I am able to walk without pain. I’m also ready to start up my Yoga classes again.. I’m actually getting better instead of getting worse. I have more energy and I am much happier… A true miracle for me!!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and please pass on this info to anyone you know in need…

Thanks friends. xoxo


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