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Kathy Burgess

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Dr. Paiso has been treating me for the last few months. I came to him with sever migraine headaches and neck pain which I’d had for about 6 years. I also had a bulging disc in my lower back some years earlier which still was causing me pain on occasion.

I had exhausted many resources trying to find help, including several different kinds of doctors. I have had traction used on my neck and have used many medications for pain. Nothing helped much except to dull the pain. The migraines continued several times a week at time and my neck pain was constant without muscle relaxers.

I was referred to Dr. Paiso by a friend. After all I had been through I was skeptical.

I went for my first appointment with a bad headache and after the adjustment it was gone within a few hours. I asked many questions at each visit. Dr. Paiso reassured me it was my body and I deserved to have my questioned answered. I appreciated the time he spent explaining thing to me.

After several weeks I realized the migraines had stopped completely, and I was off the medication. I only had a couple of mild headaches within the next few months. My neck is improving and is fine when I am in adjustment.

I can now walk long distances without the back pain I use to have.

The quality of my life is much richer without the constant cycle of pain and medication.

A Thankful Patient,

Kathy Burgess

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