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Jean Rodriguez

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Dear Patients,

In September 1992 I was involved an automobile accident right here in Livermore. I didn’t think it was too bad since I had no broken bones. The day after the accident, however I felt as though someone had beaten me up, and I will not forget the terrible migraine headache I had. My friend said that I was suffering from whiplash.

I had heard of Dr. Paiso and I called him and made an appointment. He saw me immediately and treated me. The headaches were the first thing to go away, and my health improved greatly. The funny part was that I only expected for the pain caused by the accident to go away, but I didn’t think my health would improve overall.

He explained in a understandable way that when the body functions at 100%, even when I am exposed to viruses my body is better prepared to handle them effectively.

Seriously this is the first winter in 30 years that I did not suffer from the flu or even a common cold. My allergies are a thing of the past. I could go on and on about the little things that have improved, but have made a big difference in my life.

Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect from his care. Now I am sure it is the best thing available.

I am a faithful patient, and Dr. Paiso, Thank You!!!

Jean Rodriguez

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