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Fibromyalgia Treatment in Livermore, CA

At Best, Diagnosing Fibromyalgia Is Vague And Difficult

From the Merck Manual: “Fibromyalgia: A group of common disorders…characterized by achy pain, tenderness and stiffness of muscles, areas of tendon insertions’, and adjacent soft tissue structures.”

The first five words of the definition above… “A group of common disorders,” gives us an immediate clue as to the mystery of fibromyalgia… the inherent difficulty is in its diagnosis. At best, diagnosing fibromyalgia is vague and difficult since most diagnoses on the subject are mainly opinions, or at best, educated guesses based solely on symptoms. And remember, these symptoms are “common disorders.” There are no lab tests, scans, or work-ups that will result in an accurate identification of the condition know as fibromyalgia. But in allopathic medicine (alleviation of symptoms,) if you can’t diagnose it, you can’t treat it. So, it had to be given a name. The term myalgia means muscle pain, and fibromyalgia means pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other fibrous tissues. Any muscular tissue may be involved but muscular pain symptoms at the back of the head, neck pain (or spasms,) pain in the shoulders, upper back, lower back and thighs with aches and “Charley horses” are all common varieties.

Fibromyalgia occurs mostly in females and may be induced or intensified by a variety of factors, including poor sleep, physical or mental stress, exposure to dampness or cold, and rheumatic disorder. Symptoms may even flare up from environmental or emotional stress. It can be generalized (spread out) or localized (in one specific spot.) How’s that for vagueness? Want more? Read on:


The generalized form is likely to occur in healthy young or middle-aged women but may also occur in children or adolescents (particularly girls) or in older adults. Men can also develop fibromyalgia. (Did we forget anybody?)Symptoms may be sudden and acute with pain aggravated by straining or overuse. Tenderness may be present along with poor sleep, anxiety, fatigue or even irritable bowel symptoms. At a glance, one can understand the wide variety of symptoms and vagueness of the condition and appreciate the complications involved in its diagnosis. Trying to treat it with standard allopathic medical techniques such as prescription drugs, injections of pain killers and steroids can sometimes be even more complicated and disappointing for the doctor than the patient, if that’s possible.


In this office we have concluded, thought more than 30 years of successfully treating fibromyalgia and the many conditions that mimic it, fibromyalgia is yet another condition that is internally caused by a malfunction in the central nervous system of the body that we call the” automatic part of the computer.” We have traced the problem to the effects of misaligned atlas (C1) vertebra which is the topmost vertebra in the spinal column. It is shaped like a ring and has an opening in its center about the size of a nickel, through which passes the spinal cord. To make this picture a little clearer, visualize the skull which holds the brain (computer.) At the bottom of the skull is an opening where the brain stem (spinal cord) exits. The first bone encountered on the way down is the atlas, through which passes the brain stem on its way to the next vertebra, and so on. At this level the brainstem/spinal cord contains about 2 billion (that’s with a “B”) individual nerve fibers. Each nerve fiber is its own little “wire” carrying a message to (or from) the computer, connecting it with some part of the body. Through these nerves, or “wires” the computer controls ALL body functions ALL the time, keeping the body healthy…provided of course, the messages are the right ones. “Ay, there’s the rub.” Because, if the messages are the wrong ones “Houston, we have a problem.” If the atlas vertebra should become misaligned, it causes a low grade pressure and irritation to the brain stem which translates into something akin to a short-circuit or computer virus. The computer begins to send the wrong commands to some areas of the body, causing any number of conditions that “flesh is heir to,” and one of them is fibromyalgia. Incidentally, the resulting symptoms from an atlas misalignment are random and unpredictable. Kind of like the Big Spin, whatever slot the ball falls into, is what you get.


Our success in treating fibromyalgia over the years has been nothing short of sensational. It is a very rare occurrence indeed, that a case of fibromyalgia does not improve under our care, and most cases get well. The reason is very simple. Atlas Specific Correction goes directly to the cause of the problem, not merely treating the symptoms.


Using special x-ray techniques and analyses, the misalignment is identified and measured, and by the application of a precision adjusting instrument, the misaligned atlas vertebra is gently nudged back to its normal position. This takes the pressure and irritation off the brainstem/spinal cord and allows the computer to restore proper function back to the body, and healing results.


Atlas Specific Correction has been shown to be a very effective way to correct fibromyalgia. Starting with a spinal examination and working from precision x-rays, very specific and accurate adjustments can be made to properly set the atlas vertebra back into place. Once the adjustment has properly set the atlas into place, the computer,(the brain) is then able to carryout the healing process correctly, and heals the damaged tissues as it was designed and meant to do.

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