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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment in Livermore, CA

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferer requires treatment from a chiropractor in LivermoreYour grip may not feel as firm as usual, and you may feel tingling and numbness in your fingers and wrist–and possibly pain in your hand and wrist so intense that it awakens you at night. There may be similar symptoms in the upper arm, elbow, shoulder or neck. The pain in the hand and wrist may increase when the wrist is flexed and decrease when it is extended. Sometimes shaking the hand affords relief–sometimes not. These are some of the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS.

How Did Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Get Its Name?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is named after the bones in your wrist, the carpals, which is where you’ll find the condition. Several important nerves and tendons pass through these bones, and pinching or pressuring of the median nerve will cause the characteristic pain or discomfort. CTS is a common condition. According to some authorities the syndrome may affect one out of ten Americans who work with their hands.(1) In fact, the incidence of carpal tunnel disability has become a significant, costly problem to industry.(2)

Carpal tunnel syndrome often occurs in people who do repetitive tasks—housewives, secretaries, meat cutters, assembly line workers, carpenters, musicians. Recently is has shown to be a major problem with computer operators and court stenographers. In these instances it is referred to as repetitive trauma disorder. It is more commonly seen in women 40 to 60 years of age than in men, and it rarely affects young people.

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most sufferers of CTS have “idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome.” Idiopathic means “cause unknown.” Actually, there are a number of things that are associated with (not caused by) CTS. It is often linked with repetitive tasks or a fracture or fall on the hand. Swollen tissues near the median nerve which apply pressure on it are the most common findings. More often, it is caused by something you probably would have never thought of.

The Medical Approach to CTS Relief

In the majority of cases the medical doctor is unable to ascertain the cause of CTS. Often the best that he\she can do is to try to lessen the pain by using a splint to immobilize the wrist, apply ice, and prescribe drugs.(3) If the symptoms continue, cortizone may be injected near the wrist. Such injections may provide a degree of relief, but the relapse rate is high and the side effects can be quite severe. Even with surgery, full recovery may take months, years, or even over a decade.

Hand gives thumps up after successful carpal tunnel syndrome treatment in Livermore, California

The Atlas Specific Correction Approach to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief

Our findings are that the true cause of CTS is a mis-aligned atlas vertebra. Proper cervical (neck) alignment procedures using Atlas Specific Correction has given so many people with CTS such remarkable results, that it is my opinion that Atlas Specific Correction should be considered by anyone with symptoms that suggest CTS. More than one authority has demonstrated that there is a direct connection between arm and wrist pain and the nerves that emit from the neck.(7) When your body is free from nerve irritation, the main computer, the brain, is more capable of healing the inflammation that is CTS (or any other condition).

This office has enjoyed the proud results of many CTS sufferers to its credit. Atlas Specific Correction accurately aligns the atlas vertebra to remove the pressure to the nerves that are involved and allows the body to heal itself. With such a natural approach, there are obviously no invasive procedures that could cause any damage or side effects—and IT WORKS!

Get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief From Your Livermore Chiropractor Today

Where the traditional medical treatments fail, a chiropractor in Livermore can help. Our patients come from Pleasanton, San Ramon, Dublin, Danville, and beyond because our methods offer highly effective, lasting relief from CTS. Schedule an appointment today to see if chiropractic treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is right for you.

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