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Arthritis Chiropractor in Livermore

What is Arthritis?

Elderly woman seeks chiropractic treatment for arthritis in LivermoreArthritis (ar-thri-tis) [Gr. arthron joint + -itis Inflammation.] is the inflammation of a joint, usually felt as acute in the fingers and hands, marked by heat, redness and swelling; but it may also be pain felt in the arms or legs, back or anywhere in the spine. There are over 40 different listings for arthritis in Dorland’s medical dictionary.

What Causes Arthritis?

There is gouty arthritis or simply, gout. There is rheumatoid arthritis, atrophic, Bechterew’s, Charcot’s, chronic infectious, villous, menopausal, hypertrophic, hemophiliac, clamactic deformans neoplastica, neuropathic and on and on.

How is Arthritis Usually Treated?

For many years, treatment for arthritis has mainly been some internal medication. Whether they be merely pain killers or something more powerful designed to alter certain organic functions, the concept is the same: treat the symptoms without addressing the cause.

Modern pharmacology is an amazingly resourceful industry when it comes to making new products for some particular ailment when there is a large market at hand to target. People with arthritis comprise a very large market indeed, and any new drug has an immediate worldwide potential that can be calculated into the billions of dollars.

The only drawback is that, so far, none of the arthritis drugs ever devised have addressed the cause of arthritis. They merely treat the effects. The reason for this is simple… few seem to know what the cause is. And yet with a simple illustration, the cause is not difficult to understand. And once understood, it becomes apparent that the correction of the cause of arthritis can never be manufactured and put into a bottle.

A Healthy Nervous System is a Healthy Body

Let’s look at how the body works to maintain a healthy state for itself. Composed of many different types of tissues, organs, glands, muscles, bones and nerves, our body is made up of hundreds of different parts with many systems to run them. But overall, there is one master system that controls everything else inside the human body; the nervous system. And controlling that system is the body’s computer, the brain.

Every part of your body operates by means of orders from the computer, 24 hours a day throughout your lifetime. Everything that happens inside your body is done deliberately as a result of the computer receiving a message from some particular area, searching its software for the fitting command, then sending that command to the part to keep it functioning in the proper manner. At least, what the computer THINKS is the proper manner. And what happens if the command isn’t the right one? As Shakespeare’s Hamlet said, “Aye, there’s the rub.” The command can be, and often is, the wrong one, and as a result, that particular part begins to malfunction.

Arthritis is Caused by Mixed Signals

Muscle spasms are a perfect example of the wrong command being sent. Muscles have no mind of their own but respond only to orders from the computer. When a muscle receives an order from the computer, it has but one function… to contract. If it doesn’t receive one, it relaxes. In a spasm situation, the muscle is receiving a continuous, non-stop command to contract.

However, if the nerve to the muscle were to be severed, the spasm would stop. The muscle would then be paralyzed forever. Obviously, a better approach would be to correct the problem in the computer which is causing the muscle spasm; something that is easily done with chiropractic.

In arthritis we have a similar problem with the computer sending the wrong command. As the body metabolizes nutrients in our diet, toxic materials (natural byproducts of normal metabolism) are not being detoxified and excreted as they should. As a result, these toxins build up in tissues where blood flow is normally quite low, such as in cartilage and other soft tissues in and around the joints. When this occurs, the body’s computer sees this as a need for repair as if it were an injury.

The first stage of repair to any injury is inflammation. With no inflammation there can be no repair. And as long as the toxins remain, inflammation continues. Consequently, joints become inflamed, swollen and sore. The usual treatment is to either ingest a pain reliever (which reduces felt pain but does nothing else) or take medication that alters certain body functions in order to reduce toxic buildup. Since taking drugs is never a “free ride,” serious side effects can be a risk. And because toxic drugs are metabolized in the liver, liver damage can result.

Considering that the computer should take care of all these things, why then, is the patient suffering from arthritis? It just might be that the computer is at fault. Possibly there is a short circuit somewhere in the system, but where?

Atlas Misalignment and Arthritis

At the upper area of the cervical spine, there is a vertebra called the atlas. The skull sits on top of the atlas and when the spinal cord leaves the skull, it must first pass through the atlas before the nerves are distributed to any of the structures below. The unique design of the atlas allows us the freedom of movement in our neck that is impossible in any other area of our spine. Unfortunately, this freedom of movement is at the expense of stability and can give rise to a misalignment of the atlas by means of a fall or accident, or even being born. If the atlas should become misaligned, it causes a low grade pressure and irritation to the nerves passing through its center. When this happens, the computer “shorts out” and begins to send the wrong commands to some area(s) of the body. Thus, most any symptom may result and one of them can be arthritis.

Treating Arthritis

With the proper adjustment to correct the atlas misalignment and thus clear out the short circuit in the computer, the body is then able to properly rid itself of these toxins and the painful arthritic condition that result. Thus the problem can then be resolved without the use of dangerous drugs.

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We have had many cases of arthritis among our long list of successfully treated patients. The vast majority of them have had very favorable results and are living a much better quality of life. If you want to see if chiropractic treatment for arthritis is right for your needs, contact us today for a free consultation.

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    I feel –in fact I know- that I am getting that now. I understand that your treatment cant “cure” me since I am 60 years old and have had long standing problems such as arthritis . However, now I am able to manage my problem better, and if I do have

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