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Anthony Jensen

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When I came to Dr. Paiso’s Practice I was complaining of pain in my right forearm, hand and wrist joints. I shared with the doctor that I am a 48 year old who has had diabetes for 35 years and have been a drummer for 34 years. I have experienced carpel tunnel in both wrists and had surgeries on both wrists and hands. I still love playing drums and I am actually in two bands so my hands and their function is very important to me.

Dr. Paiso conducted his examination and discussed what he would like to do through adjustments and self-administered therapy at home and stretches he would like to see me do prior to rehearsals as well as gigs.

As time progressed different forms of therapies have been added and I am seeing and feeling great results. Dr. Paiso, not only treats my alignment he has also educated me through question and answer sessions and because of this I have added acupressure to my routine which has added some relief as well.

I know that if I remain diligent with my treatments and have a transparent doctor/patient relationship regarding my ailment that complete recover is around the corner.

I highly recommend Dr. Paiso and his approach and openness to discuss your health problem and his treatment. Because of Dr. Paiso and his treatments I am once again able to play 90 min sets without pain or cramping of my forearms, hands and fingers.

Thank you,

Anthony Jensen

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