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Chiropractic Allergy Treatment in Livermore, CA

Chiropractic allergy treatment in LivermoreThe sneezing; the coughing; the itchy, watery eyes; the endless days and nights of restlessness and misery. All these things and more, display the heartbreaking plight of the hay fever-allergy sufferer.

The Medical Approach to Allergy Treatment

The standard medical approach to the problem begins with an expensive consultation and examination. Then come the battery of tests; skin patch tests and allergy testing to see what things you are allergic to and what kind of drugs to sell you. Drugs are expensive and they don’t get to the cause of the problem. They just give your body more man-made chemicals to deal with. And if you’ve ever thought about it, drugs are poison. If that sounds strange, take a whole bottle of any drug and see what happens! As if that weren’t enough, there may be dangerous side effects. Even dependency.

Now that you are on the medication, do you feel better? Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes not. And sometimes it seems that your condition gets better for a while, then gets worse again. Go back to the doctor and come home with a different kind of poison, or advice to take larger doses. Or worse yet (and more expensive), go in for a series of desensitization shots about once a week for a couple of years! Enough already! Isn’t there a better way? Can’t I do something else that works, and makes more sense?

The Atlas Specific Correction Approach to Allergy Treatment

Well, there is, but you probably never even thought of it. Something so simple and easy to do that it sounds too good to be true. It’s called Atlas Specific Correction.
Atlas Specific Correction has been helping people get rid their allergies for the last 28 years. Even longer than that if you count all the years that main stream chiropractic has been helping patients who had allergies.

You probably thought that chiropractic was only for backaches, right? So how is it going to help with allergies? Did you ever stop to think how and why chiropractic can cure a backache? If you did or had some one explain it to you, you would readily see that chiropractic works with the body’s on-board computer, the brain, to bring about healing.

The computer is responsible for everything your body does; and it’s automatic. It digests your food; grows your hair; fixes a cut or a broken bone; tells the liver what to do; tells the spleen what to do; tells the heart lungs, kidneys, intestines, the stomach, the blood what to do. It tells everything what to do, because the computer is the boss. And it all happens automatically, you don’t even have to think about it.

What Causes Allergies?

Pinched nerve causes allergy suffering in Livermore, CAWhen the sperm and ovum came together your life began. The first recognizable structure to show on a microscope was something called the “neural streak.” This tiny thin line of nerve cells was to become the spinal cord. And positioned on one end was a minute bud that became the brain. As cells divided and the fetus grew, the computer sent commands to all the areas. It was telling them how to grow and what to become…giving orders how to build the body.

The computer is the power that made the body. It also has all the power, knowledge, and software it needs to heal the body and keep it healthy. And it does. As long as it has no interference.

Nerve interference is the one thing the computer cannot handle. It has no defense for a misaligned vertebra causing pressure on nerves. All it can do is the best it can with what it has. The symptoms that result can be virtually anything. One very common symptom is allergies.

How does that cause allergies? Very simply, a short circuit in the computer (the vertebra pinching the nerves) can cause certain areas of the body to become hypersensitive to certain stimuli, even dust and pollen. That same short circuit in the computer can cause a very large number of different symptoms. And the only way to get rid of the symptoms is to get rid of the short circuit in the computer.

We Treat the Causes of Allergy Suffering

By identifying the atlas misalignment and removing it with the proper adjustment, normal function to the computer can be restored. Putting the computer back on track will then allow it to correct whatever problem exists and allow the body to function normally.

Speak With Us Today about the Chiropractic Approach to Allergy Relief

Don’t just take our word for it. We have had thousands of success stories over our 25 years in the practice, and we’re happy to put you in touch with other former allergy sufferers. Call for an appointment and schedule a free examination and consultation. We can tell you right then and there if Atlas Specific Correction can help rid of your allergy symptoms, once and for all!


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