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Chiropractor in Livermore poses with other chiropractors and giant spine

Meet Your New Chiropractor in Livermore

Livermore Chiropractor Dr. Adam PaisoAs a member of the largest family chiropractic practice in the United States, I have had the opportunity to share information with a bevy of professionals. I’ve personally practiced as a chiropractor in Livermore for over 20 years and have found that using state-of-the-art machines in my practice has allowed me to perfect the art of spinal adjustments, muscle strengthening, and various other techniques.

Unlike other Chiropractors in Livermore, I have found that using a few key pieces of highly-calibrated chiropractic equipment allow me to perform more precise adjustments, which gives my patients more consistent treatment, more successful treatment, and faster recovery times. In fact, many of my patients have seen other chiropractors before, but didn’t find the chronic pain relief they were looking for until they tried my methods.

To learn more about my chiropractic methods, and whether they’re right for your needs, call, contact, or visit me today. I always look forward to helping new patients get back on the road to health.

– Dr. Adam C Paiso, D.C.


A Chiropractor can Help With:

Neck pain is usually associated with everyday wear and tear on the cervical muscles. Aging can cause deterioration like osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease. Most of the pain associated with these diseases can be resolved with a precision cervical adjustment from an experienced chiropractor. This adjustment reduces pain and soreness while improving the range of motion in the neck.

Acute lower back pain, the kind that is common from heavy lifting or a blunt trauma, can be handled with a precision adjustment. This involves zero realigning of the lower vertebrae in the spine. This adjustment increases range of motion to the area while reducing pain and increasing the flexibility of the joints, in the case of a herniated disk, precision chiropractic adjustments is one of the initial recommended treatments.


Whiplash sufferer in neck brace

One of the most common ailments treated by Livermore chiropractors is chronic pain in the upper spine due to whiplash. We use a painless precision cervical adjustment to realign and strengthen the muscles in the neck area. This allows greater blood flow and an opportunity for tense muscles to begin to loosen up. In addition to the adjustments, we often recommend the use of McKenzie exercises to help in the healing process.


CTS sufferer requires Livermore CA chiropractic adjustments

Many people don’t realize that a spinal adjustment may be exactly what is needed to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. This, in concert with re-education of proper bio-mechanics, can often result in immediate pain relief. In the case of a repetitive stress injury like this, the sooner it is diagnosed the sooner preventative measures can be taken, including the introduction of wrist supports. Speak with a chiropractor today to have your CTS evaluated.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Paiso for just a few months and in that time I have experienced a feeling of wellness I’ve not felt for a long time… I would recommend Dr. Paiso to anyone who has experienced any form of trauma to the head, neck or spine, I believe in his treatments, he is very courteous and professional, and I think he genuinlly cares for his patients.

Chris M., Pleasanton, CA

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The Healing Effects

Correcting spinal alignment and dysfunction allows the body to heal itself. Neck pain, shoulder pain, migraine, headache, knee pain, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, back pain, arm pain. When alignment and proper neuro-communication is restored, the body is able to function as its optimal health level.

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